United Nations In Malaysia

Head of Agencies

List of Member Names Head of Agency Title
Office of the United Nations Resident Coordinator Mr. Stefan Priesner
UN Resident Coordinator
United Nations Development Programme Mr. Stefan Priesner
Resident Representative
United Nations Population Fund Ms. Marcela Suazo

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Mr. Richard Towle Representative
United Nations Children’s Fund Ms. Marianne Clark-Hattingh
World Health Organization Dr. Ying-Ru Lo
United Nations University Mr. Francois d’Artagnan Director of Administration
UNU-International Institute for Global Health Prof. Pascale Allotey
WHO-Global Services Center Mr. Francisco Cardenas Director
World Food Programme Mr. Carlos Melendez
 Head of UNHRD
IOM Kendra Rinas
 Head of Office
UNDSS   -  vacant  -
Security Adviser
UNAIDS  Mr. Eamonn Murphy
Director, Regional Office 
UNIDO Mr. Stein Hansen
Director,Regional Office        
UNESCO  Mr.  Shahbaz Khan
Director, Regional Bureau for Asian and the Pacific
UN WOMEN Ms. Miwa Kato
Regional Director
OHCHR Ms. Cynthia Veliko
Regional Representative


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